1. Introduction

We are Group B of Class S2-07

We all like to move around from places to places in a type of transport like bicycles and scooters. In this project,we will research on the motion of the caster board (a.k.a the wave board) so that everyone would have a better understanding of how the caster board moves.

Out there in the market,there are people selling bicycles, scooters, skateboards and now, the caster board. Almost every one uses a certain type of transport to move around from place to place or sometimes just ride together with their family and it is also a form of sports. Bicycle motion is quite straightforward, push the pedals in the right direction and the gears will turn and your bicycle moves! Scooters and skateboards move just with a push of the leg. Although quite a few people know how to ride the caster board, we are sure that almost all of them do not know, what makes the caster board move forward. So now,we will provide these answers.


  1. The linear motion of the caster board is caused by the increase in height for the wheels and then back to its original height again.
  2. The velocity and pitching motion of the caster board,which we think is affected by the rolling motion of the two plates follows the following graph.

3. The acceleration or deceleration of the caster board is affected by the angle and angular velocity of the rolling action.

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