A caster board is a two-wheeled, human-powered land vehicle. It is a type of skateboard and is somewhat like a snakeboard. Caster boarding has been introduced into many school curricula as a means of teaching the basic movement principles that govern board-sports. The success in its ability to engage with pupils not interested in sport was assessed in a 12 week, 6 secondary school case study in the UK carried out by Curriculum Ex. (Wikipedia, 2014) “RipStik was well-liked by most of our testers. Within minutes, the kids were able to get on and ride the RipStik. The consensus from the kids was that learning to ride a RipStik would take a few hours, and to get ‘really good’ would probably take a couple of weeks. Most of the kids were able to do simple tricks like wheelies after an hour or so... The kids, most of whom were relatively new to ‘boarding,’ told us that RipStik is extremely popular among all their friends and classmates.” (Razorama, 2014) A caster board has two narrow platforms that are joined by a metal beam, usually coated by rubber, that houses a strong spring. One wheel is mounted to each deck with a caster so that that each wheel can steer independently, and each caster has a steering axis that is tilted about 30° back from the vertical. (Wikipedia, 2014) The RipStik caster board is a popular two-wheeled device similar to a skateboard that is marketed to kids and teens. Developed by Razor USA, the RipStik was released in 2007 and has earned multiple honors and awards. (Scott Allan, 2015) Razor created the RipStik caster board to blend surfing, skating and snowboarding experiences into one. The RipStik has two platforms, one at either end, for the rider's feet. Riders shift their weight to move themselves forward without having to touch the ground. (Scott Allan, 2015) You will also be getting some exercise and workout time if you stay out and ride long enough. Riding caster boards are a great way to get some physical exercise and have a little fun at the same time.( Jay Brandley 2015)

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