5. Conclusion

5.1 Practical Applications

With the results, people would be able to know how to improve on riding on the board, know how it actually moves and possibly learn how to ride it. People would not be puzzled any more when they ride the board and think of how does the board move.The maximum speed that the board can go is about 20 km/h and not any more.(Answers.com. (2015).)If you are able to go more than that,the rider falling down the board would have a higher chance as the wheels would not be able to go too fast on rough floors as the board would fly if there is any small rock and also skid when the floor is smooth as the wheels does not have enough grip for that speed.

5.2 Areas for further study

Some areas that we could further studied was the angle of the wheels, like what was the angle throughout the experiment,how the board can rapidly increase speed within seconds and how to do a sharp u-turn.

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